A Word About Installations

As EXPERTS in the Industry – we want your entire experience with WALKIN TUBS OF AMERICA™ to be easy… from your initial phone call through your daily soak in your new Walk-In Bathtub. We pride ourselves on customer service and “go the extra mile” to make the entire process as simple and easy as possible.

When you receive your new Walk-In Bathtub directly from the factory, it’s pretty much ready to simply hook up and enjoy. However, you may be in need of some installation assistance, so…

We will assist you with your installation in three ways:

  1. Most everyone chooses to get their own qualified installer (licensed plumber, contractor, etc.)… or, if qualified, install their new Walk-In Bathtub themselves. We will give you an Installation Guide complete with all the details, diagrams, and drawings necessary for you or your qualified installer to get the job done right.
    plus, if needed…
  2. You or your qualified installer will be able to speak directly with an installation specialist who can answer any questions or personally walk your qualified installer through any phase of the installation you may need.
    or, if desired…
  3. In most geographic locations we will be able to refer you to installers.

When we say easy and hassle free, we mean it!