Hydro-Bathe Systems

As LEADERS in the Walk-In Bathtub Industry WALKIN TUBS OF AMERICA™ is proud to offer an extensive selection of HYDRO-BATHE MODELS featuring either AIR SPA HYDROTHERAPY or a WHIRLPOOL SPA or a Combo Spa system that utilizes both.

Hydro-Bathe systems have been used for generations to help to revitalize and maintain health. This is especially true for circulatory and inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, muscular aches and pains, and movement of joints. As little as fifteen minutes a day may greatly improve and give relief to many common, but painful problems, as well as help maintain proper metabolic functions.

The benefits of Hydrotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations recognized the healing power of natural hot springs. The Romans built outstanding communal baths because they believed in the value of Hydrotherapy. It’s soothing to the nerves and may be helpful for bladder and urinary problems, mild colds, and low fevers. Adding certain herbs helps to soften and moisturize. Other herbs can be stimulating or relaxing.

In Europe and Asia where Hydrotherapy is especially popular, there are numerous health spas and health facilities using beneficial Hydrotherapy for their clients. Hydrotherapy is one of the oldest and safest methods for treating many common ailments. You know from personal experience that water is not just for cleansing, but for making us feel better. When you’re in that tub of hot water, after a strenuous day, you know you’ll feel much better when you’re done, and how soaking in hot water helps relieve fatigue and prevents stiffness.

In each of our Walk-In models the Hydro-Bathe jets are positioned to give the body maximum coverage, so your entire body benefits.

WALKIN TUBS OF AMERICA™ offers both Whirlpool and Air Spa Hydrotherapy systems to our customers. There are some differences between these two systems that should be noted.

Whirlpool Spa

Mainly known for their use in hot tubs, Whirlpool water jets move the water causing a swirling water and pulsating effect. We offer many of our Walk-In Bathtubs with a Whirlpool option as many people have enjoyed this type of therapy in personal or public spas. Please note that with a Whirlpool in a small enclosure, such as a bathtub, you may experience water rigorously hitting the same basic areas of your skin over and over again daily.

Air Spa Hydrotherapy

(Warm AIR Churning Through Warm Water)

Hydrotherapy is non-invasive to aging, fragile muscles, thinning skin or brittle bones. Its effectiveness is often considered superior to that of a Whirlpool. It is the sought after therapy for seniors. With advancements in technology many rehab centers and hospitals now use Air Spa Hydrotherapy as the therapy of choice.

We offer most of our Walk-In Bathtubs with a Air Spa Hydrotherapy option. Our variable speed, fully adjustable Air Spa system with built-in massaging Air Jets allows YOU to decide how much Hydrotherapy action you want. Now you can relax in any of our  Hydrotherapy systems and let your aches, pains, tensions and stress be therapeutically massaged away.

Combo Hydrotherapy Spa

The Combo Hydrotherapy Spa combines both Whirlpool and Air Massage providing therapeutic benefits that help in soothing aching muscles and joints and releasing body tension.You make the choice on using them independently or use both.


Research suggests that color can play a significant part in your mood and ability to relax by using variable colors of light within the tub Chromatherapy has been shown to benefit your mental well-being by reducing anxiety and stress and helping you to relax.


Our sense of smell plays a significant role in our thoughts and emotions. Smell also plays a key role in relaxation including emotional and physical healing. Aromatherapy employs pellets of essential plant oils that dissolve and emit pleasant and relaxing aromas.