Ella Walk-in Bathtubs

Ella Brand Acrylic Walk In Tubs – A Safe & Smart
Lifestyle Investment

Big4Two – Two Seat Acrylic Outward Swing Walk-In Bathtub with Independently Operated Foot Massage

The Ella Big4Two Walk In Tub is our biggest walk in tub yet! This roomy two seat walk-in bathtub allows you and your partner to comfortably stretch out your legs and relax. This walk in tub has an outward swing door and a low threshold to make it easier to get in. It sports hydro and air jets to maximize your relaxation with your partner. With an acrylic mold, designer chrome fixtures, and a frameless outward swing door, your Big4Two Walk In Tub will add a beautiful modern touch to your bathroom.

36″W x 80″L x 41″H